Serving those from exploration through to remediation.

The call for expertise in the mining industry is in high demand. Equipment and materials are usually large, heavy and need to be transported to and from very remote locations with tough environmental conditions.


SCACLI has been offering mining logistics services for over a decade. We even have a division specialized in connecting Canada’s largest mining region to the world - SCACLI NORD located in Northern Ontario.

Whether it is a domestic move of equipment and materials to a northern mine site in Canada or it is equipment and materials to be relocated to sites in Mexico, South America, Africa, Australia etc. our team has the expertise to get the job done on time and within budget.

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Sea Cargo Air Cargo Logistics Inc. (SCACLI) is a Canadian-owned 3PL and international freight forwarder that offers integrated logistics solutions. Modes include Air, Ocean, Road and Rail transportation.

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