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This service is available with both Dry Van & Flatbed trailers.


SCACLI’s Less-than-Truckload (LTL) consolidation services offers you a cost effective and fast solution to transport industrial and commercial cargo between major hubs across North America.

This program allows shippers with LTL freight to have access to a level of service that is similar to that of a dedicated truck; but at a fraction of the cost. We take LTL shipments from a pool of shippers and turn them into a "multi-stop truckload" setup. Get in touch with us to learn the difference between our service and the traditional hub-and-spoke distribution method the other LTL carriers offer.



Most of the time shippers will only use a portion of the trucks trailer but pay for the entire space. Our consolidations services combine multiple LTL shipments that are headed in similar locations into a full truckload.

reducing the risk of damages

Traditional LTL services that most carriers will offer you uses a hub-and-spoke distribution method. This traditional method requires multiple touch points that will have your freight passed on from partner carrier to partner carrier along the route.

Our consolidation program uses a model that significantly reduces the number of touch points.

Fewer touch points means there is less opportunity for damages!

speed to market

Our consolidation programs have a quicker transit time relative to traditional LTL services. Working with a provider like SCACLI with large freight volumes can put a plan into place that gets your freight delivered when your customers expect it to.

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