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We offer guidance and solutions to move products and materials to and from anywhere in the world. We evaluate the best mode of transport, the type of equipment to use and the best routes to take. SCACLI’s consultants are here to work closely with your shipping team to lower your cost and increase the efficiency of transporting your products and materials between your facilities, vendors and clients.


Transportation and Distribution Strategy

We help manufacturers design the transportation and distribution network of their supply chain for the long term.

Customs and International Trade Strategy

We help businesses who trade internationally streamline the customs process and navigate through the continually changing and increasingly more complex regulatory environment

Project Strategy

We help manufacturers build a strategy when they are faced with fulfilling orders of large volume projects.

Are you new to shipping and international trade or experiencing bottlenecks in your current logistics network? SCACLI consultants are here to map out a strategy that lowers your direct cost, keeping your business compliant while ensuring that your products and materials move as smart as possible.


We design the logical distribution network that is optimal for the future of your business.

Export and Import

Guiding North American importers and exporters on all required customs and OGA (other government agencies) processes to ensure that your business is regulatory compliant.

Services include

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Sea Cargo Air Cargo Logistics Inc. (SCACLI) is a Canadian-owned 3PL and international freight forwarder that offers integrated logistics solutions. Modes include Air, Ocean, Road and Rail transportation.

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